Alpha Video & Electronics (AVEC) has been supplying high technology solutions to the broadcast and post-production industries for over 30 years. AVEC offers an unparalleled combination of advanced technologies along with the superior design expertise and technical support.

Alpha Video and Electronics Company
Mission Statement

Be the best, not the biggest.

Use technology to solve problems, not create them.

Don't be afraid to say, "I don't know".

Get the answer to "I don't know".

Return the customer's call.

Dedicated to Integrity, Quality and Reliability.

AVEC-Produced Items

Camera Caddy
A shock mounted ENG camera transporter.

A safety device for ENG vehicles that generates a loud verbal warning message when the mast is raised or lowered. An original AVEC design, Mastvoice is effective and affordable. It can be refitted to an exsiting ENG vehicle with a minimum of expense and effort.

Alpha Spotlight

The following is one of the primary manufacturers AVEC represents:

A Shift in Focus

In the 90's AVEC transitioned into the manufacturing of ENG and DSNG units as well as specialized products centering around the ENG. Simultaneously, the resale division was transforming into more of a manufacturers' representative, concentrating on high-end graphics.

The new millennium brought about further change with the advent of new satellite technology. It became clear that the traditional methods of news gathering were going to change forever. With that in mind, AVEC shifted its focus to its manufacturers' representative effort, concentrating on the new satellite technologies, TV station automation, fiber optic transport, and MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transmission streams. Currently, AVEC represents a diverse array of manufacturers such as Pixel Power graphics, Nverzion automation, LAMAR systems, GENCON technology, Tamuz broadcast monitors, and Pixelmetrix digital stream analyzers and PSIP fault indicators.

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